Stay at lovely boutique hotels, meet like-minded people from all over the world & experience a spiritual paradise of culture, mountains and yoga.

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What We Offer

We offer a 14-day adventure for (Inner-)Changemakers, Entrepreneurs and Self-Developers.
A (Self-)Workretreat program for body and mind.

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PUMP your mindset - GET UNSTUCK.

New results, require new thinking and new actions. Let a Student of Robbins-Madanes Training under the teaching of Tony Robbins and others, help you to reset your brain.

yoga and meditation


Good habits build the foundation to any change you want to make. We practice yoga & meditation, and eat vegetarian food that makes you and your body smile.

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Explore amazing Nepal, meet interesting people, and built bonds for life. Dive in to a new culture, and go out of your comfort zone. We are there to hold you. Let life carry you.


Explore the magic of Kathmandu

Your trip starts in the mystical capital of Nepal; Kathmandu. We pick you up from the airport and you start your journey with Culture & Nepali Language class. We visit a Woman´s Center in the city and enjoy temples and medieval heritage sites with a local guide. During a workshop we focus on our goals and ambitions for the next two weeks.

Submerge yourself in a completely different culture while challenging your body and mind.

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Pokhara: a spiritual getaway between lakes and mountains

We continue our journey to Pokhara, passing through gorges, beautiful rice fields and fairytale waterfalls. Pokhara is the starting point of most trekking routes and the yoga hub of Nepal.

Here we start our Yoga and Ambitions Retreat. A challenging three day program that involves a daily schedule of yoga, meditation and reflection, combined with a wholesome vegetarian diet. Whether you are looking to begin your new yoga adventure, deepen your existing yoga practice or just rest, relax and enjoy this tranquil yogic environment, this three day program will clear your mind and challenge your body.

Hike three days through picturesque villages of the lower Annapurna region, while snowy mountains are towering over you.

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Every journey begins with the first step.

Refresh your energy on a 3-day Himalaya trekking tour for all levels of fitness. Enjoy dramatic deep gorges, stunning mountain passes, Buddhist temples, picturesque farming villages and take the space and time to unwind. Guided by Nepali guides, we will be spending the night in local family guesthouses, sipping tea and discovering the local cuisine. And last but not least: enjoy the magical views over the beautiful landscapes and mountains.


  • Meet and work with people from around the world

  • Disconnect from everyday life

  • Enjoy the magical bustling city of Kathmandu

  • Taste and make Nepali food

  • Focus on your professional but also private life goals

  • Clear your mind and flex your body with daily yoga sessions

  • Learn more about how to reach those goals by workshops, talks, and discussions

  • Do a three day trek along the magical Himalaya range and enjoy the silence in the mountains

  • Leave with an open heart and pro-active spirit to focus on your newly made goals


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During the first days we will get to know each other, have a Goal Setting Workshop and explore the beautiful heritage sites of Kathmandu city. After three days we will embark on an 8 hour bus journey to Pokhara. Here we will stay in a yoga retreat for 3 full days. Please find the yoga retreat schedule here. After the yoga retreat we will go on a three day guided trek to explore the Himalayas. We finish our time in Nepal in a luxury resort where we look back on our journey and evaluate on the progress we made both physically and mentally. We fly back to Kathmandu and have one last day of shopping, evaluating and saying goodbyes.

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Join us for the ultimate Travel and Lifestyle Experience. Challenge your mind and body. Reflect and Connect while exploring one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


Our Team

Andrea De Baat



Online Marketer and Business Developer. Change Coach. Digital Nomad, loving the location independent Lifestyle. Passionate about making a difference. More about Andrea.

Linda Ris



Travel advisor and Nepal expert.
Digital Nomad and adventurer. Linda´s passion is to bring people together to move towards a common goal. More about Linda.




Serial entrepreneur, red-cross volunteer, hiker and the founder of TapoBhumi Travel & Tours in Kathmandu. Putting smiles on people’s faces makes him happy.


Find out more about our Why and how it all started in our blog.



Our home in Kathmandu is a beautiful boutique hotel in a quiet area of Kathmandu, in walking distance of the Tourist district. From here we easily reach the medieval squares and temples that we will visit. The hotel is co-run by the staff, who have some other small entrepreneurial ventures in the hotel as well, such as a small restaurant with a special tea garden.

In Pokhara we will stay at a Yoga Retreat Center where we will have delicious meals and do our morning yoga practices outside with the views of the mountains. The vegetarian local food is organic and home grown, prepared daily by the local Nepali chef.

Our stay during the trek will be a basic but also local and impressive experience of our time in Nepal. We stay in guesthouses along the route, that are run by local villagers. In the evening we join the host family with their meals and sit around the fireplace playing cards, exchanging our cultures.

After the hike we pamper you with a recovery stay in the well-known Temple Tree Resort, where you can relax at the pool and enjoy the incredible vibe of the resort.

Temple Tree Resort & Spa is a boutique hotel combining western standards with the distinctive architecture and culture of Nepal's Western Himalayas. Named after the fragrant temple tree plant frangipani found here, we offer a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, privacy when preferred and attentive service.


Our vision is to give you an experience that will combine spiritual and physical well being. When coming to Nepal, you enter a different reality and mindset, in which we will cherish and stimulate you to look at your life at the moment and find where you want to make changes.

On our trip we will create a safe but also culturally challenging environment and we are here to help each other both professionally and personally.

We choose the best possible settings, partners, and locations for you to focus and learn something new about yourself and others. On this trip you will learn to challenge yourself physically through yoga and trekking in the mountains. But also mentally challenge yourself by meditation and looking forward to your ambitions for the future.

We want to support the local economy and we work with nepali businesses, and give back wherever we can.

We will be with you at all the elements of this trip, supporting you when needed. Going on a Workretreat with us means getting out of your comfort zone. You will explore new things, meet new friends and get different insights and perspectives on your mind and body.

Are you ready to come to Nepal? 



All our prices are in Euro, including VAT. Included is your accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner during the yoga retreat and trekking and your welcome and goodbye dinner. Your international flight is not included.
The photos below are some examples of different types of accommodation. Please take into account that the accommodation during the yoga retreat and the trekking will be basic. For questions, please feel free to contact us!

double room


€ 1.600 p.p. (special BETA price)

The above picture is an example of a Room at the Temple Tree Resort.

Tings room


€ 1.400 p.p (special beta price)

The above picture is an example of the Boutique Hotel in Kathmandu

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€ 1.400 p.p (special beta price)

The above picture is an example of a Room at the the Yoga Retreat.


Who is it for?

Workretreat is for everyone that wants more out of life, and is also interested in giving back. It is for all ages and it does not matter if you are a remote worker, entrepeneur, soulsearcher or an employee. The retreat includes meditation, mindfulness and helps you to become more grateful. It is an excellent start to improve your mindset! It is for people that are interested in the nepalese culture and that enjoy nature and culture.

This is not a backpacker trip. Even though we are in Nepal, we will make sure you have a decent room, a guide and an active and interesting program.

What will we do?

We will all work hard on ourselves, establish good habits by eating healthy, yoga and meditation, helping each other, exchange skills and have regular masterminds. We will focus on our thoughts, thinking habits and our inner game and there will be lots of time to enjoy the country and its culture by visiting cultural heritage sites and going on a three day trek.

What's included in the price?

Pick up at the airport, Nepalese Language & Culture Introduction, Transportation in Nepal, Welcome Package, overnight stays, and all activity according to the information you find on this page. During your first and last days dinner is included. During the yoga retreat and three day trek all your food is included. Breakfast is included throughout the WorkRetreat. What’s not included is airfare to Nepal, personal shopping, extra alcohol or activities.

When and where should I arrive?

We will pick you up from Kathmandu (KAT) airport on April 14th. Please inform us about you arrival time at

What is the program of the WorkRetreat?

During the first days we will get to know each other, have a Goal Setting Workshop and explore the beuatiful heritage sites of Kathmandu city. We will then embark on an 8 hour bus journey to Pokhara. Here we will stay in a yoga retreat for 3 days. Please find the yoga retreat schedule here. After the yoga retreat we will go on a three day guided trek to explore the Himalayas. We finish our time in Nepal in a luxory resort where we look back on our journey and evaluate on the progress we made both physically and mentally. We fly back to Kathmandu and have one last day of shopping and saying goodbyes.

Do I need a visa?

Yes, to go to Nepal you need a visa, but visas are available on arrival. Be sure to carry two passport photos and US dollars to pay for the fee. Your passport must be valid at least six more months and you need to have a whole empty page for the visa.

Do they have toilet paper in Nepal?

They do. Your accommodation will be equivalent to the western standards, and toilet paper can be bought in most places in case you want to bring some for excursions/trips.

How is the internet?

We need to be very honest with you. The internet is not gonna be as you know it from your home. At your accommodation it is good enough to surf, skype and make whats app calls, but you might have an occasional bump in the line.

Will it be dirty?

Yes and No! Nepal does not have western standards. I can be compared to India. Our hosts know what westerns expect and take hygiene very seriously. Still you need to remember where you are. Pollution, Dust and Trash on the streets are big problems in Kathmandu. However, the stunning beauty of the country really makes up for it! Dive into this cultural adventure! It is soooo worth it!

How do I sign up?

Please go to "contact" and fill out the form and we will be in touch. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Got more questions? TALK TO US!